Maiden, Mother, Crone? Womanhood in the Modern World

In today’s blog we’re going to look at the idea of the ‘Triple Goddess’ archetype of ‘Mother, Maiden and Crone’ as represented in mythology and in certain Pagan and Spiritual traditions. Generally interpreted as being based around the phases of the moon and the female reproductive cycle, how relevant is this archetype today and is it truly representative of a woman’s journey through life in today’s world? Buckle up, we’re going to go a bit feminist on you as we explore each stage, whilst offering you some health and wellbeing tips at the same time.

Easily Irritated: The Perimenopausal Princess Papers (Part 3)

These days most people get on my tits.  In fact, not just people; noise, smells, tastes, theme tunes, phone notifications, radio DJs making small talk, the postman taking a shortcut over my front lawn that is the size of a postage stamp (lazy bastard).  I hadn’t thought anything of it – just assumed I wasContinue reading “Easily Irritated: The Perimenopausal Princess Papers (Part 3)”

No Smiles in the Aisles – Unexpected Grump in Baggage Area

I used to be one of those strange people who actually enjoyed doing the weekly shopping. I’d write my list the night before, put my shopping bags by the front door and then shoot off first thing on a Saturday morning to my local supermarket. I’d get there, park up, grab a trolley and startContinue reading “No Smiles in the Aisles – Unexpected Grump in Baggage Area”

Other People’s Dogs – The New Other People’s Children?

Not all kids are delightful.  There.  I’ve said it.  We have all been in a situation where other people’s little darlings are being irritating, annoying, loud, smelly, messy (insert your own suitable adjective here).  Whereas the children in our company (unless they are truly being little shits) will always be seen through the family microscopeContinue reading “Other People’s Dogs – The New Other People’s Children?”