About So Just Be

So Just Be is a website dedicated to providing our readers with joy and positivity. We like to think of it as a little oasis of calm and happiness in the hectic, modern world we live in. So Just Be was created so we could speak to people all over the world and invite them to get creative, be entertained and find a place on this very crowded internet to relax, be inspired and have a giggle!

You won’t find much on news or current events here (unless they’re happy ones!). Instead you’ll find the musings of two women intent on finding something to smile about or enjoy every day of the week. Our blog is not staffed by perfect people.  It’s staffed by ordinary people.  We all have day jobs that wind us up and partners that we love despite the fact there are times when they drive us mad.  We are also rather fond of a tipple or two.

From gin tasting to scrap booking, from reading recommendations to pictures of our beautiful walks around the UK, from technology reviews to lists of our favourite things, we hope to give you something to smile about every day, too. We’re real, we have good intentions and we can be a bit snarky occasionally, just like you!  Our opinions are entirely our own and we’re not looking for validation, agreement or opposition.  We’re just sharing what we love, what annoys us and what makes us think, in the hope to inspire or just bring a smile to your face.

So come in, slip off those shoes that have been pinching your toes all day and get your cosy slippers on. Get yourself a brew or pour yourself your favourite tipple. Take a seat on our cosy sofa, the one with the big pillows that never need puffing up. Close the door, switch off the day and So Just Be.

Photo by Isabelle Taylor on Pexels.com