Winter Reads – Curl up with a Good Book

Looking for a good winter read? Check out our latest book reviews for 2021. Remember, just 30 minutes of reading a day will improve your health and give your brain a boost. Give the telly a rest this weekend, relax with a good book and dive into a new adventure.

Give Your Brain a Workout – Top Tips to Keep Your Brain Healthy

During Lockdown, we’ve noticed that it’s very easy to fall into a routine where we’re not really looking after ourselves in mind or body. The cycle of Work/Eat/Sleep/Repeat seems to occur on a regular basis throughout the week and tends to bleed into the weekends. There’s Zoom calls throughout the day, along with emails toContinue reading “Give Your Brain a Workout – Top Tips to Keep Your Brain Healthy”

Overcoming Sleep Sabotage – Top Tips For Falling Asleep and Staying Asleep!

Are you having problems falling asleep at bedtime? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to get back to sleep? Are you walking around like a sleep deprived zombie, desperate to rebuild your relationship with your bed? Then you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got some top tipsContinue reading “Overcoming Sleep Sabotage – Top Tips For Falling Asleep and Staying Asleep!”

Combating the January Blues

Have the grey, winter mornings got you down? Do you struggle to find anything to smile about? Are you suffering from a serious case of the January blues? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Why is it that the first month of the new year always brings with it such doom and gloom? What shouldContinue reading “Combating the January Blues”

Christmas TV Crackers!

Why hello there fellow 2020 survivors, how the devil are you doing? We hope that you’re okay and keeping your spirits up (or at least drinking them, like we are). It’s been a tough 10 months and it now feels as though our Christmas bubble has been well and truly popped. With most of theContinue reading “Christmas TV Crackers!”

Self-Care at Christmas – Don’t Blow Your Festive Fuse!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Or at least it should be. In reality, many of us find Christmas to be the most stressful time of the year. Do you ever find yourself standing in the shopping aisle so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of Christmas nibbles on offer that you have totalContinue reading “Self-Care at Christmas – Don’t Blow Your Festive Fuse!”

Too Soon For Christmas Decorations? Nonsense! It’s Good For You!

I put my Christmas decorations up last weekend.  “Fuck it”, I thought, “I need some Christmas sparkle in my life and I need it NOW!”    In the middle of our second Lockdown in the UK, things seem a bit grim at the moment. As well as having to stay at home and stay awayContinue reading “Too Soon For Christmas Decorations? Nonsense! It’s Good For You!”

It’s Time to Take Your Chill Pill

I can overthink things, clench my jaw until it hurts, grind my teeth, talk in my sleep, sense knots in my stomach, feel anxious and sometimes overwhelmed.  Luckily, not all at the same time mind you, but it will be an extremely rare day not to feel at least one of these sensations.  You knowContinue reading “It’s Time to Take Your Chill Pill”