How to Feel Optimistic For the New Year

In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how we can establish an optimistic outlook for the year ahead. Maintaining an optimistic outlook has positive benefits for our wellbeing. Research suggests that optimism has a positive influence on both our mental and physical health by helping us cope with our working and social lives and contributing to a longer life span.

New Year, New You? How to Keep Your Resolutions and Change Your Life

In today’s blog, we’re going to look at ways that we can keep our resolutions and change our lives for the better. No more failure and no more feeling bad about ourselves! It’s time to grab hold of that new year and make it work for you.

An Ode to Twixmas

‘Twas the period called ‘Twixmas’ and all through the house,the family was knackered, including the mouse. It’s a strange time of year – a real no-mans land.We lose track of the days and don’t understand. Mum was hormonal and bursting to cry.Dad was bewildered and wondering why? She’s suffering, see, with that damn menopause.Her faceContinue reading “An Ode to Twixmas”