Food For Thought:- Natural Ingredients to Combat Stress and Anxiety

Whilst taking medication from your doctor can certainly help to get your mental health back on track, we’re also interested in what foods can help us along the way. Are there any ingredients we can add to our diet to help prevent our mental health from suffering? Let’s find out!

You Are What You Eat: Smart self-care through food

No matter if this is the first time you have read a So Just Be Blog, or if you are a follower of ours, one thing you will know is that we are big fans of self-care. So often, as we get caught up in the rat-race of life, our own needs get placed firmlyContinue reading “You Are What You Eat: Smart self-care through food”

Hungry? Or just bored? Don’t let a snack attack scupper your weight loss!

Do you walk past the fridge and mindlessly grab something to snack on? Are you guilty of reaching for food in times of stress? Or maybe you can’t bear to see an unfinished plate and continue to pick at food when you are full? Maybe it’s about time to be more mindful of when andContinue reading “Hungry? Or just bored? Don’t let a snack attack scupper your weight loss!”

Valentine’s in Lockdown – Top Tips For Keeping the Romance Alive

As Valentine’s day draws near, we’ve scoured the land for some hints and tips on how to keep the romance alive in Lockdown and we humbly present them to you below. We hope that they get you thinking and relight the fires of your stay-at-home romance….

G&T Taste Testing by a Gin Virgin (Part 1)

I’m new to all this gin lark, if I’m totally honest.  I wasn’t really interested.  Wine is more my thing – I definitely know what I like when it comes to wine.  I even go to those wine tasting evenings at my local Majestic now and then, and if I’m honest I feel a littleContinue reading “G&T Taste Testing by a Gin Virgin (Part 1)”