Maintain Your Brain – The Do’s and Don’ts of Brain Health

What can we do to improve our brain health without adding additional stress to our already busy lives? We need some quick wins and some good advice to adopt in case we wind up with a barrage of new restrictions on our lives. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at ways we can make some small changes to our habits to help our brain stay happy and healthy in these uncertain times.

Work/Life Burnout – How to Get Your Perspective Back

In today’s blog, we look at some ways to regain perspective and get back to the business of enjoying our home and work life. Too often we suffer from overwhelm and fatigue at the myriad of responsibilities we feel we must juggle to make everyone else happy. But what about our happiness?

Managing Your Moods – Learn How to Take Control

In today’s blog we’re going to look at some ways that we can start to gain some control over our moods. Understanding why we feel the way that we do at certain points in our lives can help us gain clarity and control of our emotions whenever we feel like we’re overwhelmed by them.

Stepping Off the Career Ladder: Is it time to pursue the life you really want?

I was hungry. I wanted it all. I wanted the power suits, the company car, the briefcase and the corner office. I wanted to be Tess McGill (80’s reference – read Working on the Road to Hell – Our top 10 Travel Pet Hates to find out more about her and why I really hateContinue reading “Stepping Off the Career Ladder: Is it time to pursue the life you really want?”

Take Time to Unwind – Learn How to Switch Off the Healthy Way

It’s easy to become trapped in a negative routine, especially when you’re trying to juggle a multitude of commitments and responsibilities. Well, no more! Today is the day we learn how to unwind in a healthy way and we’re taking you with us on a journey to re-prioritising our health and creating some good habits that will make us feel happier.

Oh My Quad! 7 fitness habits you need to break

We’ve all got our own funny ways, but when it comes to exercise, has it ever occurred to you that you could have picked up some bad habits that are totally sabotaging all your hard work and best intentions? Let’s look at the 7 bad fitness habits you really need to break. Stale Workouts IfContinue reading “Oh My Quad! 7 fitness habits you need to break”

For Better or For Worse? Has Marriage Become an Outdated Concept?

In today’s blog we’re going to look at some of the pro’s and con’s of marriage in today’s world to examine whether it is an outdated concept or an institution worth saving. We all want a ‘happily ever after’ but is marriage really the answer in this modern age? Let’s find out!