Welcome to So Just Be

Hello!  It’s very nice to meet you!  Welcome to our lovely website and blog! (Note to selves: ease up on the exclamation marks, you’ll scare them with over-eagerness!)

We hope you’re sitting comfortably wherever you may be.   Is it the end of your day or are you just beginning?  Have you had your coffee yet or a glass of your favourite tipple?  Are you outside?  Is the sun shining? Or are you sitting at your desk on your lunchbreak and searching for something new to read?  Wherever you are, we’re here to add a bit of sunshine to your day.

We created So Just Be so we could speak to people all over the world and invite them to get creative, be entertained and find a place on this very crowded internet to relax, be inspired and have a giggle!

So Just Be is not staffed by perfect people.  It’s staffed by ordinary people.  We all have day jobs that wind us up and partners that we love despite the fact there are times when they drive us mad.  We’re real, we have good intentions but we can be a bit snarky occasionally, just like you!  Our opinions are entirely our own and we’re not looking for validation, agreement or opposition.  We’re just sharing what we love, what annoys us and what makes us think, in the hope to inspire or just bring a smile to your face.

So, with any luck this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  We hope you like us.  We can’t wait to kick off our shoes, crack open our laptops and show you the things that help us to …So Just Be!


Our latest blogs …

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