An Ode to Twixmas

‘Twas the period called ‘Twixmas’ and all through the house,
the family was knackered, including the mouse.

It’s a strange time of year – a real no-mans land.
We lose track of the days and don’t understand.

Mum was hormonal and bursting to cry.
Dad was bewildered and wondering why?

She’s suffering, see, with that damn menopause.
Her face is now redder than old Santa Clause!

The needles are falling from the Christmas tree.
The joy of the presents beneath, history.

The fridge is now groaning with cheese and cooked meat.
Only toffees remain in the Quality Street.

The kids are complaining there’s nothing to do,
but we’re all isolating because of ‘that flu’.

The poor dog is wondering what’s going on.
Half the family have been struck down with Omicron.

The TV is showing too many repeats,
and we are beginning to run low on treats.

The piles of rubbish betray all our sins,
as we ponder which day we should put out the bins.

Festive jumpers and fairy lights start to look tragic,
as Christmas retreats and it loses it’s magic.

With Christmas behind us it’s hard to believe,
the season is over except New Year Eve.

Use this time to relax, to re-energise,
self-care is important, and altogether wise.

There are tips on our blog so read it with glee,
and a Happy New Year to you from So Just Be.

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