Self-Care at Christmas – Don’t Blow Your Festive Fuse!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Or at least it should be. In reality, many of us find Christmas to be the most stressful time of the year. Do you ever find yourself standing in the shopping aisle so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of Christmas nibbles on offer that you have totalContinue reading “Self-Care at Christmas – Don’t Blow Your Festive Fuse!”

Too Soon For Christmas Decorations? Nonsense! It’s Good For You!

I put my Christmas decorations up last weekend.  “Fuck it”, I thought, “I need some Christmas sparkle in my life and I need it NOW!”    In the middle of our second Lockdown in the UK, things seem a bit grim at the moment. As well as having to stay at home and stay awayContinue reading “Too Soon For Christmas Decorations? Nonsense! It’s Good For You!”

It’s Time to Take Your Chill Pill

I can overthink things, clench my jaw until it hurts, grind my teeth, talk in my sleep, sense knots in my stomach, feel anxious and sometimes overwhelmed.  Luckily, not all at the same time mind you, but it will be an extremely rare day not to feel at least one of these sensations.  You knowContinue reading “It’s Time to Take Your Chill Pill”

A Perfect Start

The annoying thing is that the perfection I was seeking, that so many of us seek every day, it didn’t exist. There is no ‘perfect’. Everyone is out there every day working their arses off to achieve this unattainable, non-existent concept. Every single one of us has our own aspirations, our own ideas of what is ‘perfect’. Most of the time we’re not even happy.