Pre-Christmas Check List

There’s something about getting older that scrambles your brain. No wait, hear me out on this! I’m not saying we get stupider as we get older, far from it, but there does seem to be a peak age where that’s just far too much to bloody remember!

I realised that I had reached my peak at exactly 12:34pm last Sunday. I was unpacking what I thought would be my last but one pre-Christmas shop and was feeling quite smug. I’d managed to remember to get all the cheese, some Christmas nibbles, some dips and a selection of crisps, as well as some shopping for the week, plus extra wrapping paper and some bows and all before Christmas Eve! It was some kind of miracle!

But then I realised that it was all a lie – I’d forgotten the crackers, the salad, the pickles! I’d even written a shopping list but hadn’t remembered to put any of those things on it! I would have to go to the supermarket AGAIN!

Honestly, being a woman in the modern world is tough. We’re expected to hold down jobs, forge careers, look after the kids, look after our parents, get the shopping done and the household chores. Then, Christmas comes along with the decorating, present buying, wrapping up, festive food shopping, cooking and hosting…. No wonder my brain is feeling scrambled!!!

Granted, there are some women out there who are lucky enough to have partners who will share the load and be a big help in the run up to Christmas. However, for many of us, we are married to men who are still a bit old fashioned in some respects and it doesn’t really occur to them to help unless they’re asked, bless them!

So, in today’s blog I’m going to share with you my final pre-Christmas Eve check-list. Hopefully it will remind you of things you may have missed, help you have a marginally less stressful Holiday period and at least give you a giggle!

Pick up turkey – The most important job! This is assuming you’ve ordered one. Don’t fret though because there’s normally plenty in the shops on Christmas Eve but for some reason we all panic and pre-order and trudge to the shops at stupid o’clock in the morning, in the pouring rain the day before Christmas Eve just to secure our bird. Go figure!

The FINAL supermarket shop – Brace yourselves for this one. Make sure that you go prepared with a list that you’ve made after you’ve checked the cupboards, canvassed the family and checked with the in-laws – God forbid you forget Auntie Gladys’ Martini! Try and go early to avoid the rush. I usually aim for about 8am when the car park is only half full.

Present check – If, like me, the only Christmas shopping you’ve had time to do was a mad Amazon button bash, then it’s important to check your presents! Have all your deliveries arrived? What the hell did you order for Nan at 2am last Friday? Open all your parcels and check them against your order list. If you’ve ordered from anywhere else, check your emails for tracking numbers and look them up on the relevant courier/postal service website. If you have deliveries that are going to arrive after Christmas, then a spot of last minute panic buying may be in order! Or you could ‘fess up to your loved ones and promise them ‘January Blues’ gifts to cheer them up in the New Year. I’ve done a bit of both.

Wrapping Up – When I was a young woman, I used to enjoy wrapping Christmas gifts. I’d put on some Christmas songs and have a nice glass of Baileys then take my time wrapping up with bows and ribbons and writing lovely messages on all the name tags. Nowadays I dread it because I just don’t have the time! Wrapping up is a hectic slog. I run out of name tags, can’t find the end of the sellotape and end up tearing the wrapping paper in my rush to get it over and done with. My advice? Try and do a bit every day of the week before Christmas so you’re not up until 1am on Christmas Eve cursing Santa Claus.

Get Some Rest – After all the running around and the stress and the multiple check-lists, don’t forget to put your feet up and relax. Remember, it’s your holiday too! Treat yourself to a nice bubble bath, a gin and tonic and some peace and quiet!

I hope that this pre-Christmas check list has nudged some of your little grey cells into action. Remember, Christmas is supposed to be fun for you too! If you get to Christmas Day and you’ve forgotten something then sod it, there’s always next year!


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