It’s only words: Phrases that grind our gears!

It might be written or spoken, but we can guarantee that you will have a pet-hate list of words or phrases that really get on your nerves. You’ll spot them in an email, on social media, in a text or hear them spoken and your teeth will immediately go on edge. At this moment inContinue reading “It’s only words: Phrases that grind our gears!”

An Ode to Twixmas

‘Twas the period called ‘Twixmas’ and all through the house,the family was knackered, including the mouse. It’s a strange time of year – a real no-mans land.We lose track of the days and don’t understand. Mum was hormonal and bursting to cry.Dad was bewildered and wondering why? She’s suffering, see, with that damn menopause.Her faceContinue reading “An Ode to Twixmas”

Keep Calm and take the ‘Crisis’ out of Christmas

You are not a failure if you forget to the put the honey on your parsnips or score diamonds in the fat of your glazed ham. So what if you have missed last posting dates. Christmas is meant to be joyful. Read on, and we shall share some tips that will help you take the crisis out of Christmas.

How to ‘do’ Christmas

At this time of year, it’s very easy to get green with festive-envy. We all know someone who has Christmas completely sewn up – they can tie the perfect bows, dress the perfect tree and have the whole bloody season under perfect bloody control from October. Meanwhile, us normal humans have wonky trees, dodgy decorationsContinue reading “How to ‘do’ Christmas”

So Just Be Festive: 33 of our favourite Christmas tunes

Who wants to spend time hunting out the best Christmas tunes on Christmas Eve?  No matter if you want to rock around the Christmas tree or kick back with a drink and some Bing or Bublé, we have got just the music to get your holly-jolly on. The So Just Be team have done allContinue reading “So Just Be Festive: 33 of our favourite Christmas tunes”

Stepping Off the Career Ladder: Is it time to pursue the life you really want?

I was hungry. I wanted it all. I wanted the power suits, the company car, the briefcase and the corner office. I wanted to be Tess McGill (80’s reference – read Working on the Road to Hell – Our top 10 Travel Pet Hates to find out more about her and why I really hateContinue reading “Stepping Off the Career Ladder: Is it time to pursue the life you really want?”