The Best of Self Care

With Spring on the horizon and daily life pretty much back to normal, we felt like it would be a good opportunity for us to review our posts over the last 2 years and remind our readers about the importance of self care. With COVID restrictions out of the way and normal life resuming in all of it’s brilliant, hectic frenzy, it can become all too easy to lose sight of looking after your basic needs.

You may have spent the last 18 months getting into a great routine that helped you to balance the demands placed on you by work and family but now find that it has been upended by a return to the office and an influx of social engagements. Conversely, you may have found the pandemic period to have been a complete nightmare, working from home without a clear separation between your work-life and your home-life. You could be ecstatic at the idea of having lots of people to see, things to do and places to go. We do know one thing though, whatever your situation, we bet you’re feeling a little bit frazzled right now as you try to fit everything back in to your calendar.

With that in mind, in today’s post we’re going to share some of our past blogs on self care and wellbeing with you. We hope that amongst this list you’ll be able to find the right information to help you to look after yourself as the world opens back up for you and life starts to get busy again:-

  • Reboot Your Wellbeing – Feeling knackered everyday? Struggling to feel well and get through the day? This is the blog for you as we look at a variety of ways to reboot your wellbeing and improve your health.
  • The Perimenopausal Princess Papers – Struggling with menopause and the impact that it’s having on your mind and body? Our ‘Perimenopausal Princess Papers’ will guide you through all of the issues faced by us as we go through this massive change in our lives. Part one deals with the misconceptions of perimenopause and the symptoms you may be experiencing.
  • Burnout vs Boreout – Our ‘Burnout vs Boreout’ blog looks at the impact of stress on our lives and suggests strategies for coping and improving your wellbeing. If you’ve lost the passion you once had for your career and are feeling disconnected between work and home then check out this blog.

  • Our series of sleep blogs include Overcoming Sleep Sabotage and Top Sleep Apps and will help you to overcome the issues you may be having with getting a good night’s sleep and help you to get into a relaxing bedtime routine.
  • How to Re-establish a Work/Life Balance – The last few years have seen the line between our work lives and our home lives become increasingly blurred. This blog will help you to look at ways to re-establish your work/life balance and start prioritising your happiness and your health again.
  • The Importance of Self Care – Our mental health can often be the first thing to suffer when dealing with issues such as stress and depression. Prioritising your wellbeing and taking time for yourself can both help and prevent such issues from occurring in the first place.

  • How to Reduce Stress and Feel Happier – With the pressure and responsibilities we face as adults, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and get easily stressed out by our never-ending to-do lists. This blog looks at ways that we can make our lives a little easier, reduce our stress levels and start feeling happier again.
  • How to Ditch Your Emotional Baggage – If you’ve ever thought that there are issues in your past that are holding you back or preventing you from following your dreams then this blog will help you to identify them and ditch that emotional baggage once and for all!

  • The Power of Meditation – Looking for ways to de-stress and relax? Why not try meditation? This blog looks at the benefits that meditation and mindfulness can have on your life.
  • Health Hacks for a Busy Life – Healthy body, healthy mind. Our ‘health hacks’ blog will help you to kick-start your journey to better health by making simple changes to your lifestyle.

We hope that this small selection of our blogs on self care will help you to start putting your wellbeing first and prioritising your mental and physical health. Remember, you’re the most important person in your life – you can’t look after anything or anyone else unless you’re looking after yourself.


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