How to Become More Resilient

Do you often dwell on failure? Do you find yourself wallowing in regret? If so, then it’s possible you need to work on building your resilience. Resilience is the ability to adapt when things don’t go as planned. Rather than becoming frozen by failure and admitting defeat, resilient people find ways to adapt and bounce back from their failures, growing stronger in the process.

The odds are strong that you probably know more than one resilient person. They are the optimistic buggers who don’t seem to let anything phase them. They view setbacks as a challenge to be overcome and don’t let failures in one area affect the rest of their lives. They’re not paralysed by indecision, they don’t blame themselves when bad things happen and they set themselves solid, achievable goals.

In today’s blog, we’re going to look at ways that we can increase our own resilience and grow our self-confidence so that we are able to deal with any setbacks that may come our way. Remember, as with everything, practice makes perfect. By adopting a few simple habits and following them consistently, you too can become more resilient and ready to face your future.

Learn from Failure

Rather than becoming despondent and paralysed by failures, giving up on something you love or want, try to look for the lesson in the failure. Take advice and criticism and work on doing it better next time. Every mistake you make can help you to grow and change and become the person that you’re meant to be. Re-evaluate your goals and priorities on a regular basis and embrace positive change. Things may not work out exactly as you hoped they would but your life can still be fruitful and successful.

Practice Positive Thinking

Instead of dwelling on the negatives of every situation, practice looking changing the way you respond to bad outcomes and negative situations. Learning to take things ‘on the chin’ will help you to grow your resilience and your ability to bounce back from failure. Practice positive thinking, particularly when it comes to thoughts about yourself and your endeavours. Self belief is a powerful tool in your resilience arsenal but will only grow and develop through thinking positively about your abilities and potential.

Embrace Self-Care

Looking after yourself is a number one priority. It is only through practicing self-care, looking after your mind and body that you will be able to effectively cope with changes and challenges in your life. Setting aside time for yourself to relax and recuperate on a daily basis is essential. Try to eat a good diet, take regular exercise and develop a good sleep routine. Only a healthy body and healthy mind will produce optimum results and keep you powered up to bounce back from any setbacks.

Build Strong Relationships

Developing a strong support network through building relationships both at work and in your personal life is essential for your happiness. Studies show that people who develop strong work friendships are happier and more resistant to stress as a result. Ensuring that you have a strong friendship group and a supportive partner to fall back on when things go wrong is important for your emotional resiliency.

Nobody can do everything on their own. Having someone to share your worries with and help you when you’ve had a setback is crucial. Asking for help when you need it isn’t failure, it’s common sense and you should never be afraid to do so.

Develop Your Self-Confidence

Resilient people are confident in their own success. They know that despite any setbacks they may face, they will get there eventually. Growing your self-confidence will help your determination and belief that you will succeed. Self-belief is essential for success and will give you the strength and commitment to keep trying and moving forward. Developing self-confidence will also help you to trust in yourself enough to take the risks you need to succeed.

Be Open to Change

Resilience is about being flexible in any given situation. You have to be ready to respond to changes, even though they may not initially seem to be beneficial to you. Even your best laid plans may need to be scrapped or changed as different circumstances in your life continually evolve. Change can be scary but adapting to change will only help to develop you as a person.

Developing resilience is an essential key to success but changing different aspects of yourself and strengthening your resolve takes work. It’s not easy to change overnight but you can work on it every day. Resilience is about gaining the strength within yourself to thrive and live your life in the best way possible, learning one day at a time.


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