Oh My Quad! 7 fitness habits you need to break

We’ve all got our own funny ways, but when it comes to exercise, has it ever occurred to you that you could have picked up some bad habits that are totally sabotaging all your hard work and best intentions? Let’s look at the 7 bad fitness habits you really need to break. Stale Workouts IfContinue reading “Oh My Quad! 7 fitness habits you need to break”

Post-Lockdown M.O.T:- Reboot Your Life

Like many across the UK, we’ve spent the last 18 months holed up in our homes, working remotely and trying to balance our fears, our working lives and our home lives. From helping out friends and loved ones to trying to home school our children, life has seemed pretty stressful. Now that restrictions are liftingContinue reading “Post-Lockdown M.O.T:- Reboot Your Life”