The ‘So Just Be’ Favourite Life Hack List

Life is hard enough right now, so let us make things a little easier. The internet is bursting with life hacks and, let’s be honest, most of them are a little bit shit. We have taken the pain out of the search and compiled our favourites that really are useful:


Chill wine with frozen grapes

Reached for another glass of wine, the bottle is empty and you don’t have a backup chilling in the fridge? We’ve all used ice cubes to bring the temperature down, but they melt and dilute the wine! Keep some grapes in the freezer and use them instead.


Use sunglasses as a phone stand

Fed up with trying, and failing, to prop your phone up so you can watch a video? Use your sunglasses as a phone stand – simply place them bridge side down and adjust the arms so they cross slightly and hold your landscape phone in place.


Amplify your phone with a mug or glass

If you need to amplify the sound on your phone and don’t have a speaker, we have the ideal solution. Simply pop your phone into a clean, empty mug or glass tumbler and be amazed. This works really well … and of course you don’t batteries.


Mixing Nutella with ice-cream

Nothing amazing here so far. But now think of that almost empty jar of Nutella in the cupboard. Not enough left for a snack, but too much to throw away. Treat yourself and throw in a scoop of ice-cream, take your time and finish the jar in style.


Freeze your leftover wine

Leftover wine? We all make mistakes. But if you know you can’t finish a bottle, don’t waste it – freeze it! Yes, freeze it. Pour it into an ice-cube tray and freeze it. Then when you need to cook with wine, you can grab a few cubes from the freezer rather than opening a new bottle especially.


Rubber gloves love dog hair

If your mucky dogs are shedding hair as well as mud in the car boot, we have a great tip for you. The hoover will only pick up so much and you are left with stubborn stragglers. Grab your rubber gloves from the kitchen and run your fingers up and down the carpet. Works a bloody treat!


Choose your clothes today for tomorrow

There is nothing worse than the morning panic when you are running late and looking for something to wear. Take the stress out of the morning rush but picking tomorrow’s outfit today. You can make sure it fits, is clean and is ready to go. Pop it all in the bathroom before bedtime. Boom.


Follow the 2-minute rule

You’ve got lots to do and you are worrying which is wasting even more time. It’s making you anxious – just stop! Crack on with all your 2-minute jobs as soon as you can each day. Send the email, wash the glasses, put the shoes away. Don’t ignore the 2-minute jobs – they are your easy wins.

There are so many useful hacks out there – what’s your favourite? Share your top tips in the comments.


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