A Relaxing Soak – On a Budget!

At the end of a long week there’s nothing us ladies at ‘So Just Be’ like more than a relaxing soak in the tub. With a nice glass of wine, a candle or two and some hot, soapy bubbles we can begin to feel the knots in our shoulders ease and allow the stress of the week to wash away. For many of us, bathtime is an important ritual that allows us to renew ourselves and remember to take some time out after working hard, both at work and at home. It’s a great stress reliever and an excellent piece of self-care that we would strongly encourage everyone to partake in at least once per week.

For me, bathtime usually occurs on a Saturday night (Friday is all about getting as many chores done after work as possible, freeing up the weekend for fun and laziness). My ritual begins with lighting some candles. The soft, warm glow of the candlelight creates a romantic, spa-like feel and helps me begin to relax and unwind. There are many different candles out there – scented and non-scented and preference is entirely personal. However, the following are my current, affordable favourites :-

I came across ‘The Fragrance People’ range in Poundland (it’s their budget version of the Jo Malone candles). The pomegranate scent is rich and intoxicating and instantly makes me feel special and pampered. It was cheap as chips and has lasted for well over a month so far!

For me, there’s no scent more relaxing than lavender – it reminds me of happy summer days playing in my grandparents’ garden. This Waitrose candle is beautiful and comes in a clear, glass pot allowing you to see the lavender and wisteria that has been solidified in the wax itself.

After the candles are lit, I start running the bath and add some treats to get that spa-like feel just right. For me, bubble bath is always an essential ingredient and I generally go for anything made by ‘Imperial Leather‘. There are two reasons for this really. Firstly, it seems to be on sale every time I go to the supermarket (whether it be Asda, Tesco or Sainsbury). Secondly, the scents are always strong and just as promised on the bottle. In case, you haven’t worked it out yet I’m a bit of an aroma junkie!

Next I gather my potions and lotions, ready to get pampering. My current essentials can be found in all good supermarkets and make me feel a million dollars every time I use them:-

I love this shower and bath gel so much! I want to smother myself in it, drink it, immerse myself in it! The scent of the ginger is intoxicating and makes my mouth water every time I use it. It also leaves my skin feeling really refreshed. A true treat for the senses.

I discovered the Sanctuary range in Sainsburys last year. I had just come back from my first ever spa visit and was longing to recreate that relaxing, pampered feeling on a more regular (and budget-friendly) basis. I really enjoy this scrub. It’s lightly scented with oranges, infused with oils and leaves my skin feeling exfoliated and polished. I was a bit wary about investing in the range but once I started, I realised it was more than worth it.

This is currently the most expensive weapon in my bathtime arsenal and it really pays for itself in the winter months. Once it starts to get colder, I find that my legs get quite dry and flaky (probably because I’m wearing trousers or tights all the time). This salt scrub is a wonderful remedy for that, containing nourishing coconut and almond oils that leave my legs feeling moisturised, soft and smooth. A true indulgence.

No good bathtime is complete without a little face mask action! My general ‘go-to’ for face masks is always the 7th Heaven range. Not only are they cheap and cheerful but they work a treat and they have a huge variety available. My current favourite is the Tea Tree Peel Off. It leaves my pores feeling refreshed and squeaky clean – with the amount of make-up I wear on a daily basis, that’s no mean feat!

Once the pampering is complete, I like to add a little extra hot water to the tub and luxuriate in the scents, candleglow and the large glass of wine that has been patiently awaiting my attention. I generally go for a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in the summer and an Argentinian Malbec in the winter. Relaxed, pampered, treated – I can finally unwind from the stress of the week and just let it all go. A full relaxation reset. I leave my bathroom feeling mellow, beautiful and calm.

We hope this budget bathtime blog has given you a few ideas on how to gain maximum stress relief with this simple ritual and reminded you to put some time aside every week, just for yourself. Self-Care is essential. There is no guilt in it. Remember to take time out for yourself and treat your mind and body to a relaxing dip. You’re worth it.


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