10 Reasons Why We Love Autumn

Are you mourning the lazy days of summer, eating meals outside and walking barefoot on grass? Look beyond nights drawing in and the drop in temperatures. Let us share with you the reasons why here at So Just Be, Autumn could actually be our favourite season of them all!

  1. Fashion. As much as we love floaty summer dresses, we don’t enjoy the chub-rub that comes with them. Give us an autumn wardrobe any day! Woolly tights, jeans and boots, sweaters, scarves, hats … layer us up in beautiful autumnal colours and we are in heaven.
  2. Warm drinks. In summer we can still enjoy a cup of tea or a nice coffee, but in autumn we can drink spiced pumpkin lattes, thick hot chocolate with sprinkles or a cheeky mulled wine. Delicious!
  3. That Back to School feeling. We might have left our school years far behind us, but being stationery magpies, we still can’t shake off that urge to treat ourselves to a new notepad and a few pens at this time of year.
  4. Food. You can keep your light salads and open sandwiches. We want hearty soups, tasty stews with dumplings or casseroles with roast potatoes. Comfort food at its best, with fresh crusty bread for dunking. It’s making our tummies rumble just thinking about it.
  5. Weather. Autumn weather has a special feel to it. The air feels clean and fresh. The mornings can be chilly and misty and there is nothing better than wrapping up for a morning walk to start the day.
  6. Nature. Who doesn’t love watching Mother Nature changing season with a bang? We love how she shows off with a rainbow of colours in the leaves. The low, autumn sun doesn’t want to miss out either, and we are treated to beautiful sunrises and sunsets as the colours in the sky compete with the reds, oranges, yellows and golds in the leaves.
  7. Staying in. After spending summer evenings outside, we love being indoors again. Cosy blankets, candles, log fires, snuggling on the sofa watching Strictly Come Dancing with a large glass of red wine. Bliss.
  8. Wine. In the summer we are white wine girls. Red wine is too heavy for us in warm weather, but in autumn we can’t wait to crack open a cheeky Malbec and welcome back an old friend into our wine glasses.
  9. Halloween and bonfire night. OK, so autumn brings out the big kid in us, too. We love carving pumpkins, hosting a Halloween party and dressing up or waving a sparkler or two at a firework display.
  10. Planning for Christmas. Who doesn’t love Christmas? And it’s only weeks away so, so we can start planning totally guilt free and even pick up the odd treat or gift in the shops.

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