Feeling your age? 30+ signs that you’re getting older!

Have you noticed that you say ‘ooompf’ when you get up or sit down?  And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, are you struggling to stay awake after 9.30pm? We hate to say it, but you might be getting on a bit!

Don’t worry – you are in good company! Maybe it’s time to check out the So Just Be ‘Getting Old’ check list and see just how many of the signs you recognise …

  • Forgetting people’s names
  • You have to move at least twice before you can get up off the sofa
  • Losing your hair where it should be, but growing it from places you shouldn’t
  • You run out of energy on a night out before you run out of cash
  • Feeling stiff
  • Huffing and puffing
  • You are on first name terms with your local pharmacist
  • Saying ‘ooompf’ when you bend down or get up (if you can actually get back up)
  • Watching the Brit Awards and not recognising a single artist
  • Everything hurts, and if it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work
  • Catching yourself using phrases your parents used when you were younger that you swore you’d never say
  • You look forward to a quiet night in
  • Giving in and buying one of those boxes that lets you organise all your pills for each day
  • Falling asleep in front of the TV
  • You know all the answers but nobody asks you the questions anymore
  • Bumping into children you used to babysit and they are now teachers, police officers or parents themselves
  • You have become infatuated with your lawn and love your lawnmower
  • Grumpiness, short tempered and generally complaining about everything
  • You talk a lot about how much fuel is and obsess about your car’s MPG
  • Colleagues can’t remember cassette tapes, video recorders or tax discs in a car window but you can
  • You happily make appointments to see the dentist
  • There was a party at your house last night and the neighbours didn’t notice
  • You seriously consider venues and holiday destinations that have a ‘no children’ policy
  • You put your mug of tea in the fridge rather than the milk bottle when you make a cuppa
  • People panic when you fall over
  • You make calls on your smart phone and have no idea what else it does
  • Getting excited when you get asked for ID
  • You are a member of the National Trust
  • Sherry is no longer just for cooking with
  • You have to scroll for ages to find your birth year on a website
  • Gasping for a cup of tea
  • Knitting and Netflix are perfectly acceptable hobbies
  • You actually ask for socks for your birthday
  • The oldies radio station you listen to plays all the songs you listened to as a child
  • Spending your birthday money on practical things

What other signs have we missed that you’ve noticed? Tell us in the comments … you are amongst friends, we won’t judge.


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