10 Film Titles Ruined by Changing 1 Letter

Today we thought we’d have a bit of fun.  After a tinker with the spelling of some film titles, we experimented to see that would happen if we changed just 1 letter:

Blues Brothers – Clues Brothers

Instead of being released from Prison, Jake Blues could become a crime fighter.  Taking his band on the road in a big van, they would be like pied pipers searching for clues to locate criminals, luring them from their secret lairs with blues music.

Star Wars – Star Laws

Imagine instead of Harrison Ford we had Judge Rinder, travelling the galaxy with his troop of jedi barristers in the Millennium Falcon.  Imagine Darth Vader in the dock, defending his case against Princess Leia who is challenging his parenting skills.

Blazing Saddles – Blazing Paddles

Instead of a satirical western comedy, this is now set on a boating lake located in a small park in Paignton.  Rival pleasure boating operators played by Jane McDonald and Kate Winslet battle to survive and dominate the lake in time for the next holiday season.

Top Gun – Top Gum

Tom Cruise still has the lead (of course!), but is now a celebrity dentist.  Based in Harley Street, he has been invited to attend the Top Gum championship.  Dentists from all over the world compete to see who is the best of the best when it comes to fitting a set of dental implants in one day.

Forest Gump – Forest Hump

Instead of being the charming young man that he was in the original, Tom Hanks would play an elderly Forest who now lives in a nursing home.  Miserable as sin, Forest is in a permanent bad mood.  His box of chocolates now only contains toffees, so he knows exactly what he is going to get.  His trainers have been replaced with slippers sporting Velcro fasteners and he is convinced these are the magic shoes his mother always told him about, but he has the hump because they don’t work.  Sea food gives him terrible wind these days, but for some reason people keep sending him shrimps.

Jurassic Park – Jurassic Bark

Barney is a Yorkshire Terrier and lives with his owner who is a palaeontologist.  Left on his own too long, Barney discovers a box of bones in the house and thinks all his doggie birthdays have come at once.  He has a good old chew, not realising these bones were part of his owners’ latest study.  Played by Julian Clary, his owner becomes alarmed to discover that Barney now has the ability to roar like a T-Rex.

Witches of Eastwick – Bitches of Eastwick

Set in Eastwick Crescent on the outskirts of Wolverhampton, this film follows the lives of 4 women in Lockdown during a pandemic.  Secretly drinking gin all day from stained coffee mugs, these women secretly hated each other.  Each Thursday at 8pm, after clapping for the NHS, gin fuelled socially distanced slanging matches would erupt across the street.

Dirty Dancing – Dirty Lancing

Set in Lancing, West Sussex, Kim Woodburn runs a local cleaning company.  After being accused of not cleaning a holiday let thoroughly, Kim discovers a rival cleaning company is entering properties after her staff have cleaned them in order to damage her business.  Prepare for feather dusters at dawn as we enter the world of housekeeping and dirty tricks.

Flashdance – Slashdance

A young dancer dreams of becoming a ballerina, but her father who plays guitar in a rock band has other ideas.  Each time she arrives at an audition, she looks into her bag to find that her dance outfit has been slashed to ribbons.  Patrick Grant plays the owner of a sewing sweat shop, where she works by day as a cleaner.  He takes pity on her and teaches her to sew so she can make her own dance costumes using his fabric store and anything from the haberdashery section.

Deep Blue Sea – Deep Blue Pea

Samuel L Jackson plays the role of a mad gardener who is hell bent on creating giant, genetically modified deep blue coloured peas.  With concern mounting at the local allotments, rival gardeners, led by Monty Don, battle to destroy the crop of peas before they grow and block out all the light to their radish seedlings.

Hope they made you giggle! Why don’t you share your films ruined with us – we’d love to hear about them.


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